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Simplify your payroll process with MendozAccounts’ comprehensive payroll management service. We ensure accurate and timely payroll processing, compliance, and detailed reporting.


Are you looking to outsource your payroll responsibilities?

We offer flexible and scalable payroll services, enabling you to scale up your needs and add on capabilities too. Outsource your company’s payroll services with Mendoz Accounts and save your time and money. Mendoz Accounts helps businesses to navigate today’s complexities including regulatory changes, compliance, audits, and handling sensitive payroll data.

How we can help

Processing payroll is a growth pain. Wages are about more than money for your people. It’s about their livelihoods. To look after this resource, you need to build trust with transparent processes that make it easy for them to access and understand their pay

You need to ensure employees are paid quickly, consistently and fairly. You need to deliver accurate, compliant, and timely payroll each and every pay cycle.

Payroll processing through MendozAccounts helps you control, run and automate this function in ways that match your organization’s needs.Our aim is to improve your efficiency, ensure compliance (STP) and reduce manual processes and complexity.

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What our clients say...

Veena Raj
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Not all accountants understand e-commerce. We are so blessed to find out after a couple of failed attempts with other accountants. Lorlene understands the complexities of an online business. Her team manages our tax accounts and bookkeeping including FX rates when we buy stocks from overseas. Lorlene invested time to learn our business, to our advantage. We are so delighted to have MendozAccounts onboard.
Lee Gilbert
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Lorlene has gave me goals and outlook into my future business opportunities which I haven't had with other accountants. Her team has taken great interest in the individual needs of each client. Lorlene has given me time of her day to push me and get to my next business goals.
Agnes Kemenes
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I've been working with Lorlene and her team since 2018 when our financial system was a mess. A vital part of our success is from Lorlene and her team's advice and sharing all the numbers behind the scene, and all the ways we can save money while scaling. We highly recommend you reach out to Lorlene.
William Ritua
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Lorlene and her team are fantastic. We know at any moment how we are doing financially, and a huge relief to know we have experts on our side helping us to properly run a business. Working with MendozAccounts has been one of the best business decisions we've made.
Rohiya Contessa
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Lorlene and her team are incredible. They not only provide excellent tax services, but their true value is in their work as your own "Virtual CFO". Lorlene and her team reached out when I didn't know I needed them. They helped not just with taxes but with grants as well. I highly recommend her services.

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We value

Here at MendozAccounts, we never want you to feel out of the loop. We’ll be in constant communication with you, and meeting with you every quarter at a minimum.

We value

We uphold transparency as a core value in all our accounting services. We believe in clear communication, honesty, and accountability to build trust and ensure the best outcomes for our clients.

we value

We are a results-driven accounting firm with NO hidden costs. Our services are all fixed fees quoted up front and every single cent is deductible.

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